illustrations: ‘health issues’

‘Consult assist’.
Illustratons for a series of brochures that the patient recieves at the visit to the doctor’s consulting room.

editorial conceptual illustration about depression. A man with a dark cloud above his head‘Depression’


editoriaal conceptual illustration about Dementia and forgetfulness. A man forgot his way home‘Dementia / forgetfulness’


conceptual editorial illustration about Dementia / forgetfulness. a woman sticking notes to her drawers to remind where things are‘Dementia / forgetfulness’


editoriaal conceptual illustration about kidney problems. Illustration for a medical brochure on Kidney problems. A doctor examining a woman's kidneys, explaining about kidneys‘Kidney problems’


editorial illustration for a brochure on good and bad eating habits. Food habits, fat and low fat‘Food habits, fat and low fat food’