Editorial Illustrations ‘Medical Magazine’

Illustrations for a Dutch Magazine for doctors and medical practitioners. LAD.

Art Direction: José Baris / Member Since

illustration medical workers

Magazine cover illustration on medical waste

medical illustration of hospital doctor in spotlights
Some illustration samples from the magazine:

Covid 19 Corona vaccination illustration, doctors vaccinating‘Vaccination: Should doctors give the example?’


doctors, collegues, with alcohol or medicine addiction. Addiction on the workfloor. a doctor with a doctors bag full of empty wine bottles‘Doctors and addiction, how to deal with it…’


doctors always work, day and night, all of the time. a doctor behind his desk at night.

‘Doctors dealing with time…’

Dealing with pain

‘Dealing with pain…’

game of chess, chess pieces shaped as a doctor and a insurance man ‘The game of chess between the medical and the insurance world