Editorial Illustration ‘Books & Publishing’

Editorial Illustrations about reading and publishing books
for BoekBlad (Dutch book trade magazine).

conceptual editorial illustration of a book vendor, book seller selling books in the streets like a sandwichmanBook publishers need to find alternative marketing ways to get attention for their new books’


conceptual editorial illustration of an older lady with e-reader, ipad. a young boy reading a paper book instead of a tabletAs opposed to US sales, e-readers in the Netherlands are mostly bought by 55+ female buyers.

conceptual editorial illustration of a man with an e-reader, iPad or tablet with the inventor of the press, Laurens Janszoon CosterDutch acclaimed inventor of the art of printing, Laurens Janszoon Coster, is not amused with recent e-book developments….


conceptual editorial illustration of court-house, attorney, advocate, lawyer, solicitor, barrister,judge, court, with iPad, tabletBooks are no longer needed in the courtroom, all trade literature is available on line’


conceptual editorial illustration, merchandising and the children's book market. illustration of a boy reading a book while he is surrounded by character dolls, toys, ‘Merchandising and the children’s book market’