Illustration: ‘Me time’

‘Me time’

The School of Life (London) asked me to illustrate a lovely little book that they produced for BP staff to accompany the introduction of BPme, a time saving new way to pay for fuel.

The school of life is a global organisation dedicated to making the world more emotionally intelligent. They draw on psychology, philosophy and culture to find and apply the best ideas for use in everyday life.


woman holding heart shaped clock‘Me-time, the most precious commodity in life’


illustration of vintage clock with two women sitting on clock‘Extra time for me pleasures’


business man trapped in treadmill clock‘Time isn’t ours’


illustration of man on ladder reaching the sky
‘Wanting more time for ourselves’


illustration of man relaxing in bathtub‘Leisure me-time’


illustration of man jumping into clock shape pool

‘The deeper pleasures of me-time’


illustrations for a book about time

‘Me Time’ the final result. Book Design: Katy Kerr